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Why Buy Used?

At James Ceranti Nissan, while we’d love to put you in a brand-new Nissan car, truck or SUV, we understand that sometimes purchasing a new vehicle isn’t the best choice for drivers. There are many reasons why a used vehicle would best suit your family’s needs.
Did you know that a large chunk of a vehicle’s value declines the minute it is driven off of the lot? It’s true! In addition, with the extra savings of purchasing pre-owned, you may be able to step up the trim level or model year. Fell in love with those heated seats and infotainment system? Well- go ahead! You can still end up saving money with the pre-owned version.
Insurance rates for used vehicles will typically be less expensive. Although, we recommend you do a little bit of online research prior so there will be no surprise.
By purchasing a used vehicle, you may be able to find a model, color or trim that is no longer made new.
Still Feels New: 
We love the saying that used cars are simply new-to-you cars. You will drive away with the satisfaction that you are in your brand-new car, regardless of how many miles are on the odometer. You will still be able to get your fresh start and a new set of wheels!
If you’re ready to begin your pre-owned vehicle search, then stop by James Ceranti Nissan. Our sales staff will be ready to help you get in the perfect vehicle!
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