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Major Maintenance Milestones for Nissan Vehicles | Greenville, MS

Your Nissan vehicle needs regular attention and maintenance to keep it running as well and as long as possible. You fell in love with the power, look, capability, and comfort of your Nissan model, and keeping up with the major maintenance milestones outlined in your owner’s manual will help your Nissan feel as good as new no matter how long you’ve owned it, especially when you trust it to the service experts at James Ceranti Nissan.

Our service techs are trained specifically on how to care for, diagnose, and repair Nissan models. Not only can they tackle the issue at hand, but they are also adept at finding potential problems, that when caught early, are cheaper to fix. Plus, they are knowledgeable about Nissan recalls and use state-of-the-art tools and machines to get your car up and running quickly and efficiently.

Here is a rundown of maintenance milestones you’ll want to hit to make sure your Nissan model fires on all cylinders.

15,000 miles

When the odometer hits 15,000 miles or you’ve been driving for approximately 12 months, you’ll want to schedule an appointment so our techs can change the engine oil and filter. At this time, they will also rotate your tires and replace the brake fluid. The in-cabin microfilter needs to be changed out, too, so you and your passengers can continue to breathe fresh air and feel comfortable. The CVT fluid, axle and suspension parts (including the suspension ball joints), brake lines and cables, and brake system components (such as the pads, rotors, drums and linings) will be inspected. Our tech will also inspect the drive shaft boots, exhaust system, steering gear and linkage, and steering linkage ball joints.

30,000 miles

After you’ve been driving your Nissan for approximately two years or have hit 30,000 miles, you’ll again need to replace the engine oil and filter, engine air filter, in-cabin microfiber, and have your tires rotated. In addition to the inspections our tech performed at the 15,000 maintenance milestone from the suspension to the exhaust and steering gear, they will also focus on your fuel system. Specifically, they will inspect the fuel lines and connections and fuel tank vapor vent system hoses.

45, 000 miles

Although 45,000 miles is a MAJOR milestone, the service appointment isn’t anything to stress out about. In fact, it mimics the work done at the 15,000-mile appointment.

75,000 miles

You’ll experience a bit of déjà vu at your 75,000 miles/60 months appointment. Our techs will run down their list to replace the engine oil and filter, rotate the tires, replace brake fluid and in-cabin microfilter. They will inspect the CVT fluid, axle and suspension parts, brake lines and cables, brake pads, rotors, drums, and linings. The shaft boots, engine drive belts, exhaust system, and front suspension ball joints will be carefully reviewed for damage. Rounding out the maintenance to-do list, the techs will review the steering gear and linkage and steering linkage ball joints.

90,000 miles

At 90,000 miles or after 72 months of driving, it is again time for a service appointment at James Ceranti Nissan. At this point, you definitely know your Nissan inside and out, just as our certified techs do! At this appointment, our techs will pinpoint the major components and systems of your Nissan vehicle, similar to what they’ve been doing previously to keep your vehicle performing at its peak. Starting with an oil and filter change and tire rotation, the techs will then inspect your vehicle’s system including your axle and suspension, brakes, fuel, and steering. Your cabin will feel fresh after they change out the in-cabin microfilter. The CVT fluid will be brand new, too.

Investing in regular maintenance will reap safer, smoother, and more fuel-efficient drives. Trust all your Nissan maintenance needs to the experienced techs at James Ceranti Nissan in Greenville, Mississippi.

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